Glacier National Park: A Feast For the Senses

This is a collection of images from my trip to Glacier National Park, Montana this past summer. This was an absolutely amazing trip that had some of the most incredible weather conditions I could ever […]


Seattle Japanese Garden

Here’s a series of fall images from the famous Seattle Japanese Garden in WA.  I really tried to capture the peace and tranquility that this place so beautifully represents.  Most of the images are single […]


Eclipsed: Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse I nearly killed my computer putting this together (quite literally) a7r files are MASSIVE and putting 26 of them into a pano with 4GB of RAM was quite frankly suicidal. As […]


Nature’s Footnotes: The Abstract Side of Landscape Photography

Conformity of the Color Bomb Landscape photography has morphed its way into more of a popularity contest than an art form.  There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t see an in your […]


Through the Mists: Intimate Forest Scenes

Here’s a small collection of some new work and few old favorites that depict the Pacific Northwest’s gorgeous forests draped in layers of clouds and fog.   I find myself drawn to these forest scenes […]


Landscape Photography and Social Media: A Blessing and a Curse

Preface I’ve only been in the field a short time; I started this journey in 2012, but the changes that I have seen over the past few years have really inspired me to write a […]


Behind the Waterfalls: The Mossy Grotto

A few months back Max Foster (from TheWorldExplored Photography) reached out to me through 500px after we had been following each others work for a few months.  He asked if I would be up for […]


Aloha ʻĀina: Panther Creek Falls

This is a much more subtle and less seen view of Panther Creek Falls. A lot has been written in the past few weeks about the ecological damage that has been done to many of […]


Wipeout: Rialto Beach

So Rialto Beach and I have quite the history and I should have known that making the trip back there could only have ended poorly. I started the trip out there at around 11am and […]


Pastel Dreams

This photo comes from the first chaotic night on the Washington Coast with some friends.  For those that have been to Rialto you’ve seen the impressive first set of haystacks right near the parking lot. […]


Cape Kiwanda

If there ever was an ‘oh sh$t’ moment in my photographic career thus far this would have to be it. I left fairly early on a Friday morning in a valiant effort to make it […]


A Landscape Photographer’s Meanderings

  I decided to revisit this image using some new techniques I’ve picked up over the past few years and a came across a piece of writing that I published with it some time ago. […]


Super Moon Rebirth

This was probably the hardest I’ve worked for a photo in a long time.  Mt. St. Helens seems to be one of the most stubborn mountains I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph.  It seems […]


Fotodiox Wonderpana 145 Filter System Review

Fotodiox Wonderpana 145 ND and CPL Filter System: Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 After purchasing my first full frame camera; a Canon 5D Mark II, I was in the market for a new landscape lens that wouldn’t […]


Landscape Photography 101: Star Trails Tutorial

A Star Trails Tutorial Star trails photography can be fairly overwhelming to beginning photographers and veterans alike.  Here I will be outlining some of the key elements needed to produce exciting star trail images.  Feel […]